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The Wisdom Of The Myths: How Greek Mythology Can Change Your Life
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The Passage: A Novel

The Passage - Justin Cronin A very exciting suspense read with many characters that I cared for and really wanted to survive. My favorite kind of vampire fiction has always been intimate, personal. The overwhelming strength of the adversary vampire(s) highlights the fragility the small family of friends fighting against them , and at the same time, shows us how strong and powerful the bond between fellow human friends can be. I was worried that the wide angle lens of Cronin's apocalypse fiction writing was going to undermine that more intimate, personal nature of the vampire story, but it did not at all. He handled integration of widespread disaster and the intimate family of vampire fighters beautifully.
Unfortunately at times Cronin gave away what was going to happen next, letting the reader know an upcoming plot point via the narrative stream of consciousness. Stronger writing style control would keep the author's thoughts and plans more separate from the narrative voice. Other than those awkward, projecting moments, I thought it was fairly well written, and I was always very eager to turn the page.